Monday, 27 January 2014

Fog & War

I did a little fog of war implementation that also entailed a little refactoring.  Right now I reproduce a similar mesh shell that's slightly large and wraps around the main map.  Rather than rebuild the entire mesh every time a piece is made visible I instead just alter the indices.  Until I start working more on the graphics this is fine.  Behold!

Fog of war / eggshell simulator

Related to last weeks post I've been thinking about the overall game and particularly the battle structure as that's going to be the springboard for much of the game design. Questions like, what are the units that can be built? Are they individual units like in Civ, or part of a larger army like Total War?  If they are an army what happens when they meet?  I'm cautious too as it has to be something I can realistically build.

Looking at some of those title mentioned one thing I can pick from them is I much prefer moving a few large armies around rather than individual units like Civ.  That should hopefully make the enemy AI a little easier to build too if it doesn't have a hundred movement considerations to make.  So I'm building out a little battle prototype.  My thinking right now is a battle front of X slots depending on the location, and you take turns to place units into battle, and you play them blind.  Kind of like have three rounds of rock/paper/scissors.  Ain't much to look at yet...but even in this crude state it's being quite helpful as a petri dish of death.

War is ugly.