Monday, 20 January 2014

Sources of inspiration.

I don't have any progress to report so instead I thought I do a little post on which games inspire and influence what I'm working on.  It's a turn based strategy so there are some obvious ones like the amazing Civilization series.  I'm a hug fan in particular of Civ IV, partly as  Leonard Nimoy recites the tech tree entries.  Civilization is a helluva of a great game so if I could brew even thimble full of it's quality I'd be over the moon.  Another Sid Meier one, I only very recently picked up Alpha Centauri from and played a little bit of it as I knew it was held in high regard.  The story/setting was really interesting and the more pick n mix style for creating units from technology was neat.

The Great Civ IV

There are a couple of lesser known titles that are always in the back of my mind though.  First up isn't even a full game, it's a mini game within  "James Cameron's Avatar: The Game" which is a 3rd person action game.  It's called Conquest mode and it's this neat little strategy where you use points from the main game to build your army and then you simply go and try and take over the planet.  It's really simple and neat, very few people will have played it as the mode itself is kind of optional and hidden away if I remember.  The UI, or more generally the sphere as the basis of the map is really cool.

conquest mode in Avatar

Next up is Defender of the Crown, the original and the rather brilliant sequel.  You build castles and head out with one army only to conquer England.  There are these kind of broken mini games where you have to rescue princesses and joust in tournaments.  Not a great strategy game really, but I like it as there's a certain something about setting that makes it kind of magical.

I love Defender of the Crown.
to Battle!

Lastly an old Star Wars game called Supremacy (or Rebellion in the US).  Again, not a game that set the world on fire when it came out, it got middling reviews, but I really enjoyed parts of it.  It had Star Wars as a setting which was of course exciting, and more importantly let you build your own Death Star.  It had this cool build up, where you where recruiting characters and researching new technologies.  In turn planets would go from being good at general production of a couple of things but by the end you had dedicated planets for knocking out star destroyers in 8 turns.

Rebel scum.

That move from bases having a good general output to being able to specialise, be it economic, military or research is definitely something I would to try and create.  Final thoughts...oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh there's so much left to do.