Monday, 17 February 2014

Little by little, turn by turn.

I developed the 'battle' system a little more.  I was getting mired in indecision but I eventually got a version that I think will work.  Better to get something up and running to get a sense of how it all fits together, and there still more pieces to do until I can get a better overall picture.  Tortured metaphors done, here's a screenshot.

xna protoype with number revealed

prototype in unity with icons

The battlefield will consist of a front line and a rear line.  So I was having trouble working out how support units would fit into the mix, like archers or catapults, and using a second line that gives bonuses to the front line helps works them in. The art is just programmer placeholder stuff for now.  It ties into another requirement I gave myself, which is to have the same art/representation on the battlefield screen and on the main map.  If you have a battle screen that is wildly different you have double the art work to do...and I'm probably going to struggle with one lot as art is not my forte.  I'm using a similar size and shape to Total War as I really like their implementation.  In researching I found the artist who did the great iconography for Rome Total War II.  If I got anything close to that I'd be very happy.

ui thoughts
I also went round in a circle on the UI.  I tried some little pixel art decorations but ultimately I think I prefer the simple red and black motif.  Altering the sprite font in Unity is maybe possible but not worth the hassle as far as I'm concerned.  There's certainly been a trend towards simpler/minimalistic interfaces in games, and I'm certainly a fan of that style.  I mostly just want the information to be clear and easy to read.