Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Software complexity

It's been a little while since I posted and an update seems in order.  I got a little stuck in the doldrums with the code, such is life. The best analogy I can think to make is imagine you're a writer and you have an idea for a scene and before you can even begin to write you have to go away and build a font from scratch.  I really envy the programmers that have that sixth sense when it comes to structure, for me it's a little more protracted.  There's a great quote from Steve Jobs (video embedded below),

"It's all about managing complexity. It's like scaffolding, and if you keep going up and up eventually the scaffolding collapses of it's own weight, right?  That's what building software is. "

I've mostly been rewriting some of the code to work a little neater, particularly with regards to grouping units and buildings together.  Just to prove the game does still exist check out the ui tabs.  And those tabs actually work y'all.