Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I've been stuck in the indie shame spiral for a while and to remedy the situation I'm going to tackle a couple of smaller Unity projects for the end of the year.  First up is this driftwood collection simulation.  I got into such a tangled knot with this. The idea was to implement this interesting paper on resource emergence from Modelling the emergence of resource-sharing conventions.  My final build so broken it's embarrassing. In a weird way though it's served it's purpose, just doing something else to clear my mind, even though it's poor you learn from these errors.  Having failed early I could take another crack at it but instead and I'm moving on.


Unity Driftwood player
Unity source code

There are issues with how I structured bits of the code that meant I had a huge single class doing too much of the work and being quite messy as a result.  I hugely miss being able to 'run to cursor' in Visual Studio as a number of times I made Unity freeze up from infinite loops, or weird stuff was happening and I would have loved to be able to step through the code in the editor.  You can download the source too but there's probably not much of interest in there.

That's all for now.