Sunday, 5 October 2014

Unity Tron Bit

A nice and simple Tron bit in Unity. Which I think should be the 'hello world' for 3d game engines.  Sound samples from the Movie Sounds page for Tron.  The models themselves are pretty simple.  The neutral is a fade between a dodecahedron and an icosahedron.  Yes is an octahedron.  No is the only one that wasn't a basic primitive but it's wasn't far off, it's an icosahedron with a geodesic frequency of 3 (so it has more triangles).  Then I just moved the points out to make the faces spiky.  (I mention it as I like writing words like icosahedron).

you're a bit!
It was quite fun messing around with Unity's physics system to get a nice feel for spinning the bit around.  Also enjoyed shaping the scaling in and out to make it look right.  Added in some rpg elements just to be silly but you can turn it off.  Source code is included for download on the page too, enjoy playing with the Tron Bit, ask it anything, it knows all.